Matt Hughes Music

Celtic Shores


Matt Hughes

Sue Borowski

Celtic Shores is a side project for Matt Hughes and Sue Borowski (Steel Clover). We play a combination of lively tunes, jigs, reels and ballads of Ireland and Scotland!

Angus McHugh, Scottish Pirate

Captured by Pirates in his Bonnie Home of Scotland, Angus was press ganged onto the Ship Du Jour. He has now escaped and captured his own ship. He has renamed it the Southern Cross. Finally serving as Captain, Angus still does what he does best, playing Celtic Music, Sea Shanties, and Pirate Tunes!

Majestic Reign

Majestic Reign is at present a Studio only project. Matt plays all instruments and handles vocals. Heavy Metal Folk music with screaming guitars, pounding drums and thunderous bass designed to make your ears beg for more!

Crossed Cannons


Matt Hughes (Angus McHugh)

Shawn Howland (Howling Mad Jack Howland)

After Sailing the Southern Cross into Tortuga Bay, Angus immediately heads to his favourite Pub, the Pyrates Way. Upon Arrival he discovers a mighty brawl going on, at the centre of it is this mad Pirate singing songs and bashing heads. Angus recognises the tunes, and decides to join in. Wading through the brawl he ends up side by side with Howling Mad Jack. Song after song is sung and punch after punch is thrown… once the brawl ends, a mighty friendship is forged and after drinking ALL of the rum.. They decide to sail together to loot, plunder, and pillage.

Black Squall


Matt Hughes (Angus McHugh)

Kim Whallen (Rhee McKracken)

Black Squall is the brainchild of Matt Hughes (Angus) and Kim Whallen (Rhee). A few years ago they met at The Blackhawk Manor Festival, while there, they performed in their separate bands Off Keel and Oakley and the Fae (now Celtica Fae). A little bit of discussion about Kim joining Off Keel as a regional performer was pursued, but nothing came of it.

The next year, Matt was looking for a musician to play a few songs on his still forthcoming CD Soul of the Common Man, he asked Kim to perform on the CD, she quickly agreed, and they got together to record her parts. While they were doing the recordings, they started to connect musically and some talk about working together progressed. It wasn’t until their third year at the Blackhawk Manor Festival that they started to get serious about working together. By then, Off Keel had ceased to exist, and Kim was looking to expand her repertoire of performing.

Kim has performed for several years as Oakley the Faerie playing fiddle for the young and young at heart. Matt has performed with several groups at Festivals over the last 8 years. They both share a love of Celtic music and have been playing the music for quite some time. Kim was inspired by performers such as Alisdair Frasier, Bonnie Rideout and Natalie McAllister. Matt is inspired by The Clancy Brothers, Coyote Run and Pittsburgh’s The Wild Geese Band. Together Matt and Kim share a vision of upbeat Celtic music played with passion, precision, and a desire to share their love of the music with their audiences. They also share a love of history, especially in Pirates, and the music of Sailors, and the Sea.